Over the past few weeks, I have sent out my resume applying to a bunch of companies – both in the video game industry and outside of it.  After so many years, I have decided that I still do want to play in the video game sandbox, but only if I can do it my way.  I’ve brought my Priest to max level, and it’s time to start getting serious with my alts.

I owe that much to my family.  After traveling around the country for many years always pursuing the best opportunity to provide for them, it’s time to focus entirely on them.  My kids are getting older now and need a bit more stability than the volatile video game industry has been keen to provide.  So, I am entering the consulting space, making myself available to companies who need expertise.  I’m also open to working with game developers and publishers in the Austin, Texas area.  And, I am strongly considering working my day job outside the video game space.

We are putting down roots – no more coast to coast relocations for us.  I can stay attached to the games business in many ways – blogging on my zombie games website, for instance.  I am also doing a lot of search engine optimization work these days.  But it is crucial for my family to benefit from the longevity of staying in one spot for the next five to ten years.  We’ve been a band of gypsies since right after my son was born.  We have succeeded in keeping my wife at home to raise both children for the vast majority of the past 12 years, but the cost has been moving a lot.  It’s now time to level up beyond that, and have both my wife at home with the kids, and have a long term stable environment in a place we love.

Thank you for being that place, Austin.  You’re weird.  You’re cool.  And you’re in the middle of the best state in the nation, in my humble opinion.  We’ve lived all over the place, and we know what is available pretty much nationwide by this point.  But, we’re thrilled to be back here, and call this home.  God willing, the next home we buy will be the one my children inherit from us.


Hmmm.  Three years.  A lot has happened in that time.  The layers of dust on this blog are evidence to the abject lack of time I have had over those many months.

Well, I moved several times in that period, including recently.  I have been bouncing around the country, and while fruitful, it has been tough.  My family and I are finally settling down, though, and growing roots.

I’ll be working on this blog, and my other projects, as well.  Right now, Zombie Apocalypse Games has my attention.  I just submitted it to Technorati, too.

Doh, forgot to add that I just submitted this blog to Technorati, too.  2PJAPW8Y2UR3

Child’s Play auction nite went well!

Posted: December 19, 2006 in Games

I wasn’t able to attend myself, but I heard from Kristin at Child’s Play Charity that the auction items I donated did well.  I’m waiting to hear how well.  🙂  


Penny Arcade auction items are a go

Posted: December 7, 2006 in Games

The PA gang enthusiastically welcomed the things I had offered up for auction to benefit Child’s Play.   I’ve mailed them off up north, and now it’s in their hands.

Hope that stuff generates a ton of cash for the kiddies.  🙂


Penny Arcade Child’s Play Charity items

Posted: November 25, 2006 in Games

I just fired off an idea to the Penny Arcade gang, via Child’s Play Charity. I have a bunch of old stuff from a variety of games I’ve worked on, and I thought it would be cool to auction those off for charity.

I could Ebay them all, but getting PA involved would put a big spotlight on the items since these things are totally for gamers. And the more people seeing it will mean more $$$ for the charity.


I was going through some of my old boxes in the garage, and came across some old game materials I got a kick out of.  So, let me invite everyone to chime in with a few cool games that never saw (or at least haven’t YET seen) the light of day.

I’ll ring off a few I was looking forward to…

Fallout 3 (now in development by Bethesda)
Stars! Supernova Genesis (Empire Interactive squashed it – which was a bummer)
Stonekeep II: Godmaker (see image I dug up)

If memory serves me correctly, I think it was Vance Kovacs or Justin Sweet who painted that SK2 image back in the day.  I can’t recall if the SSG image was from Mare Crisium, or if the artist I worked with at Take 2 did it.

Stonekeep 2 Godmaker sell sheet front Stars! Supernova Genesis

Lots of people ask me if the game has the authors’ support. I have met with Dr LaHaye, his wife Beverly, and Jerry Jenkins a couple of times, showing the game in detail. A video with their thoughts on the game is now on YouTube.