Jack Thompson dances in the streets!

Posted: October 19, 2006 in Games

Score one for the pansies, folks!  Playing TAG at elementary schools has just been banned.  For all I know, Jack Thompson is dancing in the streets right now with this rampant censorship of gaming in America. HA! Just kidding, Jack!

Seriously, though, this is nuts.

I am officially going to teach my son to play tag Shaolin Kung-Fu style, throwing in a dash of hockey and a big old helping of football. I’ll be offering FREE lessons for poor kids living in Attleboro – but they’ve gotta get permission from their mommies!!


  1. Richie Love says:

    Hey Greg! Cool, you got a blog! That Jack Thompson bit had me laughin for a good 5 minutes. Catch ya later.


  2. Joes says:

    Woohoo, funny.

  3. […] First schools ban games like Tag, then I find something like this. You’ve got to see this one – it’s SO twisted. […]

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