Social Security – my gift to Uncle Sam

Posted: October 28, 2006 in Social Security

I previously illustrated basic facts about SocSec. They were pretty simple. So is the solution.

I will…

  1. Donate my entire 20+ year employment history of personal SocSec contributions.
  2. Abandon all monies from my employer matching during those 20+ years.
  3. Forfeit all right to future SocSec benefits – entirely

For this GIFT to the government, I …

  1. ask to be completely forgotten from the Social Security program, forever.
  2. agree to legally bind myself to contribution to a qualified 401k plan.
  3. submit to a contract for personal disability insurance.

That’s a pretty sweet deal for Uncle Sam. That’s a whopping $80,000 in his pocket courtesy of yours truly. And, he doesn’t owe me a dime for my retirement some 30 years from now.

I’d make out well because I could then contribute to my OWN retirement from this point forward. Since we arevirtually guaranteed to get shafted otherwise, I like this arrangement.

More shortly.



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