Social Security is lame

Posted: October 29, 2006 in Social Security

Social Security is on my list of things to get rid of, and I have stated my desire to offer a gift to the USA to take me off the gubment cheese.  But I haven’t said why, yet.

Social Security is, at its core, a forced charitable contribution.  I believe in charity wholeheartedly – but forced???  That is downright pathetic.  Tithing – which is probably historically the biggest contributor to charity – is typically defined as 10%.  Yet, Social Security is 12.4% per worker.  I have a big problem with this.  Adding insult to injury, not only is this charity forced upon us – we don’t even get a tax write-off for it!!!

My wife & I both tithe consistently and give generously to those in need – locally,  nationally and worldwide.  Like many Americans we have a track record to back this up.  We are hardly unique in this aspect.

And, especially since we do give frequently and deeply, I resent the government intruding upon our lives and telling us which charities to contribute to.  That is our choice.

Ultimately, if I can receive 12.4% of my own personal income back – I can become more confident about my own retirement.  Being more confident about my own well-being, I certainly can then dig deeper to contribute more to charity.

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