Social Security – a realistic opt-out solution

Posted: November 11, 2006 in Social Security

We are now in a situation where the ratio of workers to retirees is 4:1. It will soon be 2:1. So, now it’s down to…drumroll please…my family taking care of itself. What a surprise.

So, again I’m going to offer the government a deal. As of today, my wife and I are offering to personally fund my mother’s retirement.

The crux of the problem behind SocSec insolvency is the government cannot pay out what they are not receiving in. Hence, no one can opt out. But, my offer resolves this problem entirely.

My contribution + wife’s contribution = my mother’s benefits.

So, remove all three of us from the system. The math works and the desire is clearly there.

To whom do I address the letter we are sending to the Social Security Administration?

Comments welcome.


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