Best games that never shipped – Fallout 3, Stonekeep 2, etc

Posted: November 21, 2006 in Games

I was going through some of my old boxes in the garage, and came across some old game materials I got a kick out of.  So, let me invite everyone to chime in with a few cool games that never saw (or at least haven’t YET seen) the light of day.

I’ll ring off a few I was looking forward to…

Fallout 3 (now in development by Bethesda)
Stars! Supernova Genesis (Empire Interactive squashed it – which was a bummer)
Stonekeep II: Godmaker (see image I dug up)

If memory serves me correctly, I think it was Vance Kovacs or Justin Sweet who painted that SK2 image back in the day.  I can’t recall if the SSG image was from Mare Crisium, or if the artist I worked with at Take 2 did it.

Stonekeep 2 Godmaker sell sheet front Stars! Supernova Genesis
  1. Fun house says:

    2007 and still no Fallout 3

    [..] In 2004 Bethesda announced that they are working on Fallout 3, the third game in the great Fallout series. Gamers from all over the world requested this third episode for one of the best RPGs ever and [..]

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