Left Behind movies on YouTube.com

Posted: November 19, 2006 in Games

Just a quick heads-up I placed several movies for the game on YouTube. These movies are from the Left Behind Eternal Forces “Pass It On” DVD being distributed to churches nationwide.

Here’s the main movie.



At long last, LBEF is out the front door. It has shipped to retail, and should be on retail shelves all over the country as of yesterday. As for today, I think I’m just going to gel. I’m beat. ūüôā


We are now in a situation where the ratio of workers to retirees is 4:1. It will soon be 2:1. So, now it’s down to…drumroll please…my family taking care of itself. What a surprise.

So, again I’m going to offer the government a deal. As of today, my wife and I are offering to personally fund my mother’s retirement.

The crux of the problem behind SocSec insolvency is the government cannot pay out what they are not receiving in. Hence, no one can opt out. But, my offer resolves this problem entirely.

My contribution + wife’s contribution = my mother’s benefits.

So, remove all three of us from the system. The math works and the desire is clearly there.

To whom do I address the letter we are sending to the Social Security Administration?

Comments welcome.

Social Security is lame

Posted: October 29, 2006 in Social Security

Social Security is on my list of things to get rid of, and I have stated my desire to offer a gift to the USA to take me off the gubment cheese.¬† But I haven’t said why, yet.

Social Security is, at its core, a forced charitable contribution.¬† I believe in charity wholeheartedly – but forced???¬† That is downright pathetic.¬† Tithing – which is probably historically the biggest contributor to charity – is typically defined as 10%.¬† Yet, Social Security is 12.4% per worker.¬† I have a big problem with this.¬† Adding insult to injury, not only is this charity forced upon us – we don’t even get a tax write-off for it!!!

My wife & I both tithe consistently and give generously to those in need Рlocally,  nationally and worldwide.  Like many Americans we have a track record to back this up.  We are hardly unique in this aspect.

And, especially since we do give frequently and deeply, I resent the government intruding upon our lives and telling us which charities to contribute to.  That is our choice.

Ultimately, if I can receive 12.4% of my own personal income back РI can become more confident about my own retirement.  Being more confident about my own well-being, I certainly can then dig deeper to contribute more to charity.

As always, comments welcome!

I previously illustrated basic facts about SocSec. They were pretty simple. So is the solution.

I will…

  1. Donate my entire 20+ year employment history of personal SocSec contributions.
  2. Abandon all monies from my employer matching during those 20+ years.
  3. Forfeit all right to future SocSec benefits – entirely

For this GIFT to the government, I …

  1. ask to be completely forgotten from the Social Security program, forever.
  2. agree to legally bind myself to contribution to a qualified 401k plan.
  3. submit to a contract for personal disability insurance.

That’s a pretty sweet deal for Uncle Sam. That’s a whopping $80,000 in his pocket courtesy of yours truly. And, he doesn’t owe me a dime for my retirement some 30 years from now.

I’d make out well because I could then contribute to my OWN retirement from this point forward. Since we arevirtually guaranteed to get shafted otherwise, I like this arrangement.

More shortly.


In my boyhood days, we had it rough! We had to walk uphill, in the snow, both ways…oh wait, that’s a different story.

But I DID have to choose between Mystery Meat and something somewhat less appetizing in my school cafeteria. I had looked forward to telling my son all sorts of fun stories about how hard I had it compared to him. Well, all that is out the window.

First schools ban games like Tag, then I find something like this. You’ve got to see this one – it’s SO twisted.

There’s actually an elementary school now – that is using FINGERPRINT SCANS to pay for school lunches!!!

When you think about it, this makes a TON of sense. Not the scanning – that’s reprehensible for oh so many reasons. But, let’s face it – prayer has already been surgically removed from schools. What better place to insert RFID¬†or biometric scanning to control a population from an early age.

Let’s just say I just eliminated Rome, Georgia off of the list of places where I would want to educate my children.


Couldn’t sleep tonight, so what better way to launch the Social & Politics category I just set up?! Let the intelligent dialogue begin! (NOTE – I edited this post, in the interest of brevity. I added the rest back in as a separate post.)

I despise Social Security. Yup, it’s that simple. I do. Here’s why.

SocSec began as a 1% contribution with a matching 1% from employers. As of 2006, the contribution is now 6.2% with a matching 6.2%. That’s right folks, we’re paying SIX TIMES as much into the system as when it was designed. Source is here It’s on Page 2 (aka p104)

At its inception, SocSec contributions were capped at the first $3,000 of salary. Today, the cap is $94,000. Adjusted for actual annual inflation from 1935 to 2005, that $3,000 salary would equate to a $43,700 salary today.¬† So, again, we’re paying disproportionately more than was originally planned – to the tune of more than 100%¬†more.¬† Source for historical inflation.

A variety of federal & state government positions are exempt from SocSec Рfor instance, teachers.   The reasoning behind this exemption?  These roles offer more favorable retirement programs.  Yet, many of these very same positions still receive at least limited benefits from SocSec. 

Effective earnings using SocSec are going DOWN, not up, over time. Check it out here.

SocSec actually punishes individuals who are completely independent. Remember any small business is NAILED by SocSec – paying the full 12.4% directly for all self-employed workers. The SBA has some interesting stats that help illustrate how badly the self-employed is getting hosed. Table 2 on page 17 of the PDF shows various self employed vs corporate stats.

SocSec will be insolvent in the coming decades. For a worker my age (36), it is likely my benefits will be cut by at least 25%.

So, in summary…

We have a tax that…

  1. is six+ times the rate our grandparents contributed.
  2. is based on DOUBLE+ the maximum salary cap
  3. has double-standardized exceptions & exemptions for particular groups
  4. is actually providing declining returns
  5. will be insolvent in the coming decades

Yes, I despise this tax.

I’ve posted my proposed solution separately.